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Rainbow Chakra Set

Boxed set of seven 10ml roller bottles 

These blends combine 100% certified pure, therapeutic grade, organic essential oils. The oils have been chosen according to their metaphysical properties balance your chakras and set intentions for each chakras potential.


Root Chakra Properties- Grounded, Centered, Safety & Stability


Sacral Chakra Properties- Creativity, Abundance, Relationships, Joyful feelings & Connections


Solar Plexus Properties- Self- Esteem, Personal strength, Will power & Inner harmony


Heart Chakra Properties- Self love, Compassion, Giving and receiving Love, Forgiveness & Peace 


Throat Chakra Properties- Speaking your truth,  Freedom, Standing up for self  & Expression


3rd eye Chakra Properties- Perception, knowing, Wisdom, Intuition & Imagination


Crown Chakra Properties- Divine Wisdom, Spirituality, Universal connection & Consciousness

Rainbow Chakra Collection

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