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Create your Vibrant Life

with LaDeene

Sometimes the root cause behind common physical or emotional ailments is more than just physical. Getting to the bottom of health concerns, emotional challenges, fears, phobias, or blocks can feel difficult. Our subconscious selves know all the answers. From why we have anxiety or why we sabotage relationships to depression or chronic illness. Identifying and removing these imbalances can assist our healing in a wide array of areas in our energetic or physical bodies. 


By tapping in to your subconscious mind energy, we ask your body for messages to identify imbalances, misalignments, stagnant energy or trapped emotions that are no longer of service. We then either release or realign them. These can be physical, energetic or emotional. This is a simple process that requires minimal effort and does not require the need to relive or revisit past trauma in order to be freed from it. 


Are you ready?


Hello! I'm LaDeene

Emotion Code/ Body Code Practitioner

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