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Create your Vibrant Life

with LaDeene

Sometimes the root causes behind common ailments are more than just physical. We are conditioned to ignore our inner knowing and this combined with unprocessed emotions or trapped trauma results in us living our lives out of alignment. Living out of alignment can manifest in the form of many common concerns such as anxiety, health issues, depression, chronic illness, self-sabotage, and the repeating of unhealthy patterns.

Discovering your unique human blueprint and releasing what does not align with your highest good unlocks your purest potential. Developing trust in your inner knowing, and uncovering conditioning that may be holding you back or creating ailments results in gaining the confidence to lean fully into your truth.

Our subconscious selves know all the answers, and innately know what blocks, emotions, energies, or conditioning have accumulated over time and are keeping us from living our authentic life.


By connecting with your subconscious mind, we ask for messages regarding what energy or emotions you are carrying that are no longer of service. We then either release or realign them. This is a simple process that requires minimal effort with no need to relive or revisit past trauma to be freed from it. This, coupled with the knowledge you will gain from learning your design will free you to live as your authentic self and create your most vibrant life. 


Are you ready?


I'm LaDeene

Quantum Human Design Specialist | Emotion Code | Body Code | Craniosacral 
Reiki | Acupressure | Spirituality | Health 

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