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All sessions are by Zoom 

Regular Session

A regular session includes emotion code and/or body code. This session allows time for more detailed explanations, questions and more in-depth work. In this session, we may address up to 3 concerns. 50min.




3 Regular Session package 


(Brings per session price down to $85)

6 Regular Session Package


(Brings per session price down to $80)

About me

Hi I’m Ladeene, 

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I’m a mom to both humans & dogs and my work is one of my greatest passions! I have studied many modalities and hold licenses and certifications in several areas. What started out as massage therapy and reiki has evolved instead to combine Body Code/ Emotion Code with an infusion of a little dash of this and splash of that from all of my areas of study. 

I trust my intuition along with my guides and my angels to provide wisdom and guidance while I connect with my clients and allow space for their subconscious mind energy to communicate, together we reveal amazing things and work to release what is no longer of service and reconnect or realign what is. 

The process is magical and I am so grateful for all of my clients that choose me to walk their healing path with them. 


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